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Hi Ladies!  Here is a GREAT deal I found this week!

  • Lingle’s Grocery Store in Watsontown, PA

Whole Fryer Chicken (10 for $10)  That’s only $1.00 per chicken.  That will last our family for 3-5 months!  The sale starts today!!!

I just cooked a whole chicken on Monday, and I bought it at Wegman’s in Williamsport.  It cost only $5.00.  That chicken will be enough meat for the rest of the week and for an extra casserole for the freezer!  


Okay,  I’m on a mission to attaining TRUE FINANCIAL FREEDOM!   I began my journey by logging onto  www.crown.org  and requested a free MONEY MAP!  This takes you through 6 DESTINATIONS until you reach the end of your journey.  What an example this will be for my children.  I want to be excellent in all I do, and so my journey begins.

I’d love for you to join me!  We can live on tight budgets together, share where the deals are at, share income producing ideas, and have accountability for “stick-to”itiveness”!  

Let our journey to true financial freedom begin!



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  • Jennifer: Renee, congratulations on starting your own blog! I'm looking forward to your "eat for $35 a week" posts. :)
  • Bobbi-Jo Bassler: Hey this is a Pampered Chef reciepe (revised a little bit) but it's really fast, easy and can be used so many different ways! Chicken Club Braid Ing
  • chaoticpeace: Congratulations BudgetMom...you are the very first Guest Poster over at ChaoticPeace :)