Daphne's Diary

Destination 2


“The borrower is servant to the lender.”  Proverbs 22:7

  • Pay off credit cards (We are working on paying off a large sum of business debt on our credit card.  Our goal is to pay off our credit card aggressively.  July 2009 is our completion goal!
  • Increase savings to one month’s living expenses.  (In our case that is $2,500.  We will be working on that at the same time).

Celebration:  A special 10 year anniversary get-away for my husband and I!!  Luckily I have a vacation catagory in my budget!!! I’ll be saving for it.  I’m open to creative ideas though!


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  • Jennifer: Renee, congratulations on starting your own blog! I'm looking forward to your "eat for $35 a week" posts. :)
  • Bobbi-Jo Bassler: Hey this is a Pampered Chef reciepe (revised a little bit) but it's really fast, easy and can be used so many different ways! Chicken Club Braid Ing
  • chaoticpeace: Congratulations BudgetMom...you are the very first Guest Poster over at ChaoticPeace :)


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