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Get Started

Let’s get started! 

  • First, order your money map at www.crown.org
  • Then, create a budget for your family.  When you think about it, money is very simple.  There are only two things:  inflow and outflow.  It doesn’t matter how much or how little you are making right now, what matters most is how well you are managing what you have. 
  • In other words, have more inflow then outflow!

Some things about your budget to think about:

  1. According to your income, crown.org will suggest how much you should be spending in different catagories!   Think of ways to  extract money from different catagories, such as “food”.  (For example, ask yourself, how can I eliminate spending in the food catagory?) and with all the extra money you extract, put that toward excellerating your financial freedom.  (For example, if you don’t have $1000 in emergency savings, you can take that extra money each month and put it towards that!)  I extracted an extra $500 a month!
  2. Join the Budget Club and check out and post ideas for saving money and time (because time is money)in the different catagories in our budget.  Post your ideas and share them with everyone so we can help each other wittle down our budgets!  One catagory will be “Eat for $35/week”!  The budget club will also include ways to earn money as well (increasing your inflow).
  3. Change your thinking.  More stuff is only more to manage!  Enjoy quality items and manage well what you already have.  Just because it’s on sale, doesn’t mean it has to live in your home!
  4. Share with friends.  It’s more fun to do anything with friends and it helps to keep us accountable!

MONEY MAP SUGGETS, we should do several things before we get started on the journey.

  • Know your life purpose and life goals and foundational principals.  I live by the priorities of God first, Family second, and Career third. 
  • Start giving to the work of the Lord (tithe).  This shows God you (1) want to obey Him and (2) you trust Him to provide.  The Bible says to tithe 10% of your earnings.

Other things to do sooner than later include:

  • Execute a current will (I’ve completed that!)
  • Evaluate your career and income potential (I do that regularly)
  • If you have children, begin teaching them God’s way of handling money… hmmm I think I need to begin that!
  • Acquire basic insurance based on need and financial ability (auto, health, life, disability, long-term care) (I need to make a decision about health insurance).

Let us know where you are as you prepare for the journey!  We’ll cheer each other on!


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